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yowapeda in 5 days? *yanks a bike out of my ass*


Hajime Tabata divulged more details about Final Fantasy XV on the Square Enix Presents stream this morning.

— The in-game demo at Tokyo Game Show is in Luminous, and the E3 trailer from last year was in a previous “Ebony” engine. The final game will be in Luminous.
— You can’t hold the guard/evade button to avoid attacks continously, as it will consume MP. There are also actions related to guarding you will need to execute with certain timing.
— The battle system is named “Active Cross Battle” (AXB).
— You will not be able to switch characters. The decision regarding this was made last year around E3.
— There’s a dedicated jump button, footage thusfar has highlighted the free-running that’s also possible.
— Warping about couldn’t be done in combat in the Ebony engine; looks like Luminous has changed that!
— You can change weapons in and out of a customizable deck. Weapons have different actions tied to them you can use.
— Tabata likens the battle system to Final Fantasy Type-0 more than Kingdom Hearts, but feels it’s a unique system.
— Will the game be too easy? Tabata says not necessarily — there is challenging content like dungeons that they want to make hard.
— The team will be scrutinizing the feedback they receive from Episode Duscae demo for the final version.
— Combat footage is shown, featuring warping during battle and other effects.
— Tabata says not everything from Versus XIII will be in Final Fantasy XV, but he wants to use the best ideas from it. He doesn’t want to brush off criticism and will be listening; Tabata’s team briefs him daily on comments from fans.
— Tabata thinks the recent exploitable meme (Noctis & company in the car) that’s been circulating around the internet lately is funny; the producer doesn’t like it though!
— They’re going to do another broadcast similar to this one in November. Please look forward to it! (source)


New merchandise design!!!


did a little eyeliner tutorial for you guys :-)


MCA Autumn Cover 

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 the vanishing world of hope is growing heavy & cannot fly & still i import my mistakes. 

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Mark’s looking like Maes Hughes more and more each day

The resemblance is uncanny

Did everyone forget what happened to Maes?

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explaining your grades to your parents

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